A life-changing encounter with Japanese tea

Carefully selected Japanese tea full of individuality,
Sweets that let you fully enjoy the charm of tea

We will deliver the profound world of Japanese tea, full of diversity that can only be made by the person who is in the place.

Making the most of the umami and aroma of matcha

Original high-quality matcha has umami, sweetness, and a rich aroma rather than bitterness.
However, most sweets use low-quality matcha. We wanted to make sweets that make use of the original charm of matcha, which is typical of a Japanese tea specialty store.
The ultimate recipe for subtraction that does not interfere with matcha, and the heat that is just barely enough so that the flavor of matcha, a delicate ingredient, is not spoiled.
And we are trying to harmonize the taste so that you can feel "delicious!"

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Diversity of Japanese tea

About Single Origin Japanese Tea

  • production area

    Depending on the production area, the soil, wind, topography, temperature, water, etc. are all different, which affect the flavor of the tea.

  • Breed

    Like Koshihikari rice, there are many varieties of tea, each with its own unique flavor.

  • Producer

    Each tea farmer has their own style of tea. The methods of cultivation, harvesting, processing, distribution, etc. are infinitely different.

  • processing

    There are various types of processing methods to bring out the flavor of the harvested fresh leaves, and the difference in taste is born.