An encounter with Japanese tea that will change your life

We provide life-changing encounters with amazing Japanese tea.

Taste the diversity of Japanese tea

KENOCHA is a store specializing in "single origin Japanese tea". Many of the Japanese teas on the market are blended, but we select and deliver "tea with a farmer's face" that retains the individuality of the varieties and producers. increase.

  • land

    Depending on the production area, the soil, wind, topography, temperature, water, etc. are all different, which affect the flavor of the tea.

  • Breed

    Like Koshihikari rice, there are many varieties of tea, each with its own unique flavor.

  • Producer

    Each tea farmer has their own style of tea. The methods of cultivation, harvesting, processing, distribution, etc. are infinitely different.

  • processing

    There are various types of processing methods to bring out the flavor of the harvested fresh leaves, and the difference in taste is born.

Maximize the appeal of tea

Sweets that use plenty of the finest matcha to bring out the umami, flavor, and aroma of tea to the fullest. By using matcha with less bitterness, there is no need to cover up with sweetness.
After many trials and errors, I finally arrived at a cooking method that does not impair the delicate aroma and color of matcha.

-Our passion for Japanese tea-

Top quality single origin Japanese tea and matcha.
It's like an endless journey.
The air created by the land, the vitality of the soil, and the warmth of the people combine to create a unique experience.
And it's a journey of getting to know yourself.
Highest quality single origin Japanese teas and matcha.Seeking every taste is like an endless journey.The essence of each region, the vitality of the soil, and the creativity of the people combine to create a unique encounter.The experience reminds us of the essential beauty within ourselves.